Couples & Kids with Autism Study

Funded by the National Institutes of Health


This study is being conducting by the Family Health and Development Lab at SMU and the FACES Lab at TCU.

What is the purpose of this study?

The Couples & Kids with Autism Study aims to better understand the strengths and challenges of families raising a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). You are the expert! We want to learn from you.

Who is eligible to participate?

Children with a community diagnosis of ASD (high-functioning, between ages 10-16 years) and both of their parents (married or cohabiting) are welcome to participate!

What is required?

This is a longitudinal study. Children's ASD diagnosis will be confirmed at an initial visit. Next, families will visit our lab two times, approximately 6 months apart. At these visits, family members will fill out some questionnaires and families will play a game together. Parents will show us how they talk about everyday issues and children will let us know what they think and feel about family relationships. Families can choose to participate at our SMU or TCU site. 

Your family can earn up to $250 for participating.

All information provided is confidential.

How do I sign up?

Contact the SMU or TCU lab and we'll get you set-up! We'll ask you a few questions to check if your family is eligible for this study.