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SMU Family Research Registry

Welcome! The  purpose of the SMU Family Research Registry is to bring individuals in the community and researchers together to further our knowledge about family relationships and our well-being. By joining our research registry, we can let you know when research studies you may be eligible for begin recruiting. 

What is a Research Registry?

A research registry is a database that is used to connect interested research participants and their families with research opportunities. The registry collects basic information about you and your family so that potential research participants can easily be identified and contacted when studies begin recruitment. A research registry is a valuable tool for improving understanding, enhancing treatment, and extending resources.

How Does it Work?

Being in the SMU Family Research Registry means that you agree to be contacted periodically about studies for which you or your family may be eligible. To join the registry, you’ll complete a short enrollment form to provide your contact information and some basic information about you and your family. Joining the registry does not mean that you are signing up for a study. We will let you know about upcoming studies and then you can decide if you want to participate. If you do decide to participate and change your mind later, you may withdraw from a study at any time. You may also withdraw from the registry at any time.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to enroll in the SMU Family Research Registry. You do not have be married or have children to join. 

What Type of Research is SMU Doing?

SMU is committed to conducting high quality research. Studies will be ongoing and might require a visit to SMU or just responding to questions online. Each study will be different and you can choose what works for you and your schedule. Participating in a research study helps us learn more about families, which we can use to help support couples, child, and family well-being. Most studies provide compensation for participating.

I'm Ready to Join! 

Individuals may enroll online. You may also send an email to or leave us a message at (214) 768-4343. We will answer any questions you may have and help get you registered. We will explain your rights and protections as a voluntary member of the registry. We will also ask you to share your preferred contact information and answer some question about you and your family.